Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pillowcases For Those In Need

I love finding ways to sew for others. It helps those in need and helps me use my evergrowing stash of fabric. One Million Pillowcases is a cool challenge that is easy to do no matter what your skill level. I pulled this information from the American Quilters and Patchwork website:

Calling all quilters, sewers and crafters! American Patchwork & Quilting is challenging you to join our efforts to Make a Pillowcase, Make a Difference. Every pillowcase can make a difference in your community. A pillowcase can provide comfort for a cancer patient, hope for a foster child, encouragement for a battered woman, or beauty for a nursing home resident.

To participate, find a shop hosting One Million Pillowcase Challenge events in your area. Once your pillowcases are complete and donated locally, log on below to enter how many pillowcases you made. Help us reach our goal of ONE MILLION Pillowcases.

To find patterns and places to drop off your pillowcases go to http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/millionpillowcases/

I bet this project will be like eating cookies, after one you will want another.

Happy sewing!

Melisa J

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Have The Most Wonderful Addiction!

I know that addictions can be serious and life altering I don't want to make light of those types. My favorite craving is overpowering but fun. I have a fixation with fabric....all fabric. I want to touch it, think about what I can do with it and mainly just buy a little of it and bring it home with me.

My visit to the fabric store starts innocently enough. I just want to enjoy the new arrivals but not buy anything. Then I notice the stack of drapery remnants, the prints are breathtaking and the prices are too. Maybe I should pick up a yard or two to make something for the house. Pillows will be so inexpensive to make at these prices....oh I better buy a little more and make a table runner too.

On my way to the cutting table I see the most luscious purple print. A little of that along with a cut of that tangerine swirl cotton will look good in the quilt I am going to make(someday). Better stock up now.

Scarves are hot in fashion and you can save a bundle making your own. One third yard of that graphic silk will make a scarf to brighten up my black top. My arms are getting full but somehow I find the strength to carry just a little more.

Before I know it I am at the cutting table with my new treasures, happy as I can be. Arriving home I quietly sneak it in the door and into my sewing area. Before I worry about storing it with the yards of other fabrics I lay it out and enjoy it for awhile. These new fabrics are part of my evergrowing family of textiles. I love them all and have plans for them.

Does my trip to the fabric store sound familiar? Do you understand my love of cloth? This blog is for both of us. Together we will:

*Share pictures of great fabrics
*Share ideas for using and enjoying our stashes
*Share great places to buy fabric ( because we all need more resources!)
*Share our talents by using them to fulfill needs of worthy charities
*Share many laughs and common thoughts as we stitch ourselves together in friendship

Subscribe to this blog so that you want miss a thing. More importantly add your two cents worth in the comment section.

Happy collecting!

Melisa J