Monday, October 25, 2010

Pink Awareness

I am so in awe of organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation that has made us aware of how prodominent breast cancer is among our peers.They  have also pushed hard so that finding the cure is a major goal in the medical community.

 I walked into WalMart one day and all the endcaps were filled with products that have 'gone pink' this month.  At first I thought I had walked into a giant Barbie world filled with full size products for our  favorite shapely doll. I then saw how lovingly and creatively companies had used pink and the symbolic ribbon to show their concern for women in America.  With support like that I am sure this cancer will become less of a threat in future years.

Speaking of Barbie, Mattel has designed a gorgeous Pink Ribbon doll for collectors. They have also pledged a minimum of $100,000 to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

In keeping with the pink thoughts this month, here is a fabric that incorporates the color  in a way that doesn't seem too girly. The use of cream for the background adds sophistication to the design. I have used it in pillows. My daughter has made a striking clutch adorned with a silk cream flower pinned to it. Both were feminine and grown up.

Find a little pink in your fabric collection and stitch up something this month. And don't forget to schedule your mammogram!

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