Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Your Table Needs

I was looking at a collection of home decor fabrics of varying sizes and designs. I wanted to make something that would allow me to enjoy the colors and textures.  I came up with this table runner. I make a pillow to go with it.

To make one for your home decide on the length that will work well on your table or buffet. The width can be in the range of 14 inches. Lay the fabrics out in a pleasing design then sew together. Add a backing fabric and if desired a piece of flannel or thin batting for an interlining.  Pin the backing on well to keep it from shifting when you are sewing the long runner.

Runners will add a bit of color to your entryway hall table as well as end tables in the den. Make a collection to decorate your home for the different seasons and holidays. My daughter and I used a bride's china as inspiration  to create a pretty table runner for her new home.

I hope that my runner inspires you to pull a few of your favorite fabrics to decorate your home.


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